Have you ever known that there is a flexible diet method

Flexitarian” is a combined word of “Flexibility” + “Vegetarian”. Therefore, “Flexitarians” literally is a flexible way of Vegan eating – the only difference is that you can eat meat, dairy, and food made from animals with a limited amount.

Dawn Jackson Blatner, an American registered dietitian, was the one who created this diet style. She wanted all Vegans and Vegetarians to enjoy this vegan lifestyle and get the highest advantage out of it by allowing themselves to eat meat/food made from animals with an appropriate amount so that they can get more proper nutrition.

“Flexitarian Diet” doesn’t really need to track the calories in each meal, only stick to these important rules below is enough.

1. Eat fruits, vegetable, grain, nuts, and legumes
2. Gain protein from plants instead of meat
3. Eat meat/animal products once a week with the appropriate amount.
4. Eat less processed food
5. Limit sugar intake and withdraw yourself from sweets

Besides, this kind of diet eating can lower the risk of cancer, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes as well.
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